Facebook 101


I’ve been on Facebook since 2005. I love it. I’ve moved three times since then and lived in four different cities, so it’s nice to have a way to keep up with all the friends I’ve made. Recently Facebook made some important changes to their site. This isn’t anything new… they’ve been changing things since the creation (and I, for one, love it!) but it understandably has people confused on their privacy control issues. So, I thought I’d do a little informational to clear some things up.

Here are a few of the common status updates and complaints I’ve seen across Facebook.


1. My Every Move is Exposed!


“DO ME A FAVOR: please hover over my name here, wait for the box to load and then hover over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and likes” choice. I would rather my comments on friends’ posts not be made public. Thanks! Then repost if you don’t want your EVERY MOVE posted on the right for everyone to see!”

Let’s begin with this one. There is a simpler way to hide your comments and likes so that everyone can’t see your “every move” as this post states. And it’s not something that is new with the new Facebook changes. I did this over a year ago myself. Instead of making all of your friends do it for you, YOU can do it in a couple steps.

1. Go to your profile.
2. Find some recent activity that you’ve done (i.e. writing on someone’s wall or commenting on a photo) and hover over the right hand corner until you see the (X) then click it.
3. Select the option to “hide all similar recent activity from my profile/timeline.” And this removes it for good.
4. Repeat for every activity you want to hide (comments, likes, friend requests, etc).
ETA: There is no way to hide likes on photos and status updates. These will still come up in the ticker, but will not show up on your profile. 

2. Facebook is Going to Start Charging!



False. Facebook is and always will be free. They make their money through ads and apps.

3. Organizing Lists and Filtering Updates.


“It is going to take me forever to go through my friends and organize them into lists!”

“I love Facebook so much I need a Facebook in the right hand corner while I Facebook. Annoying!”

“All I want to see is status updates and Facebook’s new changes to the newsfeed took away that option!”

Actually, Facebook made it easier to see WHAT you want to see from WHO you want to see it. As hard as it is to believe, FB isn’t trying to make things more difficult for us. They are trying to make things simpler. So here is how you can organize your friends into lists and see status updates (or photos, comments and likes, games, etc.) whatever you want in a few clicks.

1. Organize your friends into lists. (This may be the most time-consuming step, but it is WORTH IT in the end. After you do this though, make sure to always put new friend requests into lists when you accept or add them, that way you can keep it updated.) **Tip: Make sure to use the list suggestions, Facebook is pretty smart and it will save you a lot of time.**

2. Once you have your lists made, you can add the ones you want to check the most to your “favorites tab” on the left of your newsfeed homepage. Find your “Lists” column and click the “More” button and it will bring up a page full of your lists. Select the pencil next to the list you want and then click “Add to Favorites.” You can add as many as you want to your homepage (I have 8: Family, Close Friends, College Friends, Hometown area (#1), Hometown area (#2), Ministry/Work Friends, Acquiantances, Musicians).

3. Once they are featured on the left side of your page, you will then see a number pop up beside the list whenever someone updates from that group. You can click on the list to view all friends in that group. It can get overwhelming, so now is a good time to narrow down the updates. For instance you may only want to see status updates from your Acquaintances. All you have to do is click on that list, navigate to the top right hand corner where there should be a “Manage List” button, scroll down to “Choose update types” and uncheck everything except “Status Updates.” You can customize any list, however you want it. That’s more control than we’ve ever had before!

4. New Facebook Profile (Timeline)

I can’t go without taking a moment to feature the new Facebook profile, Timeline. It is incredible. Here are a few screenshots of my new Facebook page (that only I and the other developers on Facebook can see at the moment).

The large picture is my profile page. Probably the coolest addition is the feature of a main photo on our profiles (called the “cover photo”). You can change this as often as you like to represent the feel of your page. As you can see, I used my blog header for now. The small screenshots to the right are summaries that you will find at the end of your timeline for every month. That is how many new friends, new likes and new music I’ve discovered for the month of September. You can browse other months, even years, by using the navigation to the right of your cover photo.

All updates are now featured as small boxes to the right and left of your timeline. Below is an example of a photo album I put up of our “White Christmas” last year.

Whenever an important life event takes place you can highlight it on your timeline. You can press the star at the top right (see above) on any update or add a new life event by clicking on one of the five tiny icons beside your status, photo and place updates (see box below). This will change the update to a horizontal or “widescreen” view across the timeline to showcase it as important. For example, I added the day we brought home our pup Heidi to my profile and it turned out like this. :)

If you’d like to go ahead and sign up to get the Timeline profile early, you can visit this link and click “Sign Me Up” at the bottom and Facebook will notify you when it is time to make the switch. Or if you are impatient (like me!) and want it now, you can follow the steps lined out on this website and join in on the excitement!

If you have any other questions that maybe I did not address or cover in this post, please leave me a comment and I will try my best to respond and help you out!

  • Turingcub

    Cassidy, thanks for this post but – are you sure the solution for #1 still works?  I changed this feature on mine a long time ago too, but I’m pretty sure those options aren’t there any longer.  Or can you be more exact about where you see this?

  • http://cassidyrobinson.com Cassidy Robinson

    No problem! Yes, it is still there. I edited a few things since the newest update too. Whatever recent activity is featured on your profile is what comes up in others’ feed from my experience. So if your profile says you commented on someone’s photo, then it will come up in the main feed. If you remove it from your profile, then it won’t show up. You can hover over the update til you see the (X) show up in the right hand corner and then select “hide all similar activity from profile” like I mentioned above. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=801880300 Kerry Marion

    I’m so glad you posted this. It saves me the time of having to explain and debunk these rumors we get every time Facebook makes a change. I shall just link here for reference :).

  • http://www.throughcloudedglass.com Callie

    This is good information!  I didn’t know you could hide all your comments, etc, that way – I’m not on Facebook right now, because I needed a break partly because of not wanting everyone seeing my every move, so I’m glad to know this for when I get back on!

    I stopped by from Jen’s blog, because I saw your comment on her recent post about marriage.   Just wanted to thank you for that comment, because I agree with you – personally, it’s a little discouraging to me when someone tells me how they never fight in their marriage, because my husband and I have our fair share of conflict, and it makes me feel like maybe we’re the odd ones out!  But I think you’re right, when any two sinner’s enter a marriage relationship there is going to be some conflict, because we are fallen beings – and it does take work to make your marriage a good one, but it’s worth the effort, and it is a way that the Lord can refine us (I know that’s been the case for me in my marriage)!  So anyway, I just wanted to thank you and say I agree.  :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Becky-Spencer/100001930497650 Becky Spencer

    mine is already in order (cuz im new)! Thank you Cassidy!!! Facebook needs to pay you!! what a “great” FB 101 {I hope this helps those “like me” that dont know}!
    I love you babygirl so much!!!! thx for spending the time…as your mama…you amaze me!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1023973783 Christina Heyduck

    Hi Cassidy!  I am grateful for your desire to help others as some of us are quite lost!  I have stumbled my way through most of it, but one question remains.  I knew how to hide my comments and likes (recent activity) in the old facebook, but I am using Timeline now.  If I go into me activity log, I have the option of DELETING one by one my recent activity posts, like my comment on a friend’s status.  I can’t see an option anywhere on timeline that allows me to hide this so I don’t have to go into my activity log and delete the activity each time.  Perhaps you know the solution to this, because no questions are being answered at all in the facebook help section.  TIA!!

  • http://cassidyrobinson.com Cassidy Robinson

    You can still hide your recent activity the same way as before! Just make sure you go to your profile… look under “Recent Activity” and hover over whatever it is that you want to hide, until you see the “X” appear in the corner. Then click the “X” and scroll down to “hide all similar activity from timeline.” That should hide it for good. Let me know if you are still having trouble after trying those steps. I will do a screen cap for you. 

  • Mirellah

    Dear Cassidy, I have tried this and the recent activity doesn’t show up any more at my timeline, BUT my friends who are not using timeline yet can see ALL my comments and other activity on my wall. :( 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1023973783 Christina Heyduck

    Hello again, Cassidy :)  Thank you for your reply!!  It did help somewhat, as I now know how to hide my comments so it’s not public, but I only have 3 recent activities displaying on my profile for me to do that with and none of them are a comment.  If I click on recent activity, I am taken into my private activity log and the option to hid things is not available anywhere on that page, only to delete.  Really sorry to bother you again :(  I wish facebook were easier to figure out.  When I figure this out myself, I will go on a crusade to help others just like you have! :)

  • http://cassidyrobinson.com Cassidy Robinson

    No worries! You can ask all the questions you want. I am happy to try and figure out an answer for you! :) I know it can be confusing. I hope I am understanding you correctly… but it sounds like you want to hide your comments, but they’re not showing up in your recent activity on your timeline? If not, then you’ve figured out how to hide it! Congratulations! Your recent activity “log” will still show ALL of your activity, but that’s only for your personal viewing… no one else sees that, and you can’t edit it while in there.

    Or, it could be that you haven’t commented on anyone’s photo or wall in awhile so you have no activity to edit. In that case, go comment on a photo, status, etc. and then come back to your page and follow the steps to remove “all similar activity from your timeline.” Either way, if you don’t see your activity showing up on your timeline after you’ve commented on someone’s photo, etc. then you’ve successfully removed it from the newsfeed. Only what shows up in the recent activity on your TIMELINE is what is viewed in the newsfeed. Again, let me know if that doesn’t answer your question!

  • SuperHero

    Hey, Cassidy. There’s something wrong with my facebook. First, I already changed my profile picture and my friends can see it but when I go to my old profile, it is not yet changed. Second, my status updates does not show. Sometimes it does, if you refresh, then eventually, it can’t be seen again. But my friend told me it appeared on the ticker but it can’t be found on my wall. Are these just glitches or is there really something wrong with my facebook? Thank you very much!

  • Jeanne

    This is absolutely true for me as well. I have the new timeline, and consider myself facebook savvy – but alas, not all my recent activity shows up (like comments) so there is no “X” to click to hide those types of activities – and yes, now all my friends can see all my comments (I tested this with my husband’s account). I have always been a big defender of FB, and, to some extent, I can see the logic of “don’t say it if you don’t want it exposed” – BUT, this was a feature we had become accustomed to using, so a bit aggravated that it’s gone. (Although I am wondering – is it really gone? Or is this just a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet?)

  • Jeanne

    Again, for some of us using the new timeline, not all our recent activity (most specifically, comments on others’ posts/pics, etc) actually “show up” – so there is no “x” to click. If I go to the activity log itself to see ALL activity, they DO show up, but the drop down arrow only allows me to delete the comment – no hide option at all. And yes, deleting it DOES delete it – across the board. I tested this as well.

  • Jeanne

    Ah, I see Christina is having the same issue as I am having. To be clear, it’s NOT for my personal viewing. I double checked this by logging in under my husband’s account and yep – all those comments I’ve made on other people’s posts, etc., are now showing on my wall/profile. If I go to the activity log, there is no option to hide them, only delete them.

  • pineappleprincess

    Okay.  So here’s my question.  Is there a way to show my posts but not show anyone’s (or my) comments that show up under the post?  I would like to have my posts be set to “friends of friends” but only friends can see comments made. I’ve checked it as a friend of friend and it shows all the comments under my posts, no matter what privacy setting I try.

  • Toniya

    1. Add all your friends in the list ‘Restricted’ [+Add friends to this list] – type the vowel, it will show the name, just add the firends till all are listed
    2. Click ‘Manage list’, ‘Choose update type’ and unmark all.
    3. Please either delete all other lists. Or remove all the friends from them, uncheck ‘choose update type’ options from ‘manage list, and then ‘hide’ the list [click on right side of the list – this will give ‘hide’ option]
    4. Then click on your name on right hand side (near ‘home’), click on ‘X’ next to your any post or comment or friendship approval on the page, and select ‘hide all like this’. At the end this page will have only ‘links’.
    THIS WILL NOT SHOW YOUR ‘comments’, ‘like’ and other activities in live time in TICKER.
    This will give complete privacy to your FB account.
    Enjoy!Have a nice time!
    Please cut-paste this on your wall :)

  • Sal

    I can no longer see when my son or friend’s make a comment on someone else’s status updates since they now have the new Timeline.  Is that no longer a part of the recent activity.  This is bogus as that is how I kept tabs on what my son was up to and who he was conversing with.  Is there a way to fix this or is it just the way it is now?